• Stem Cell Therapy Used in Conjunction with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – See for yourself and watch the video of yet another client success story

    Stem cell treatments in Jackson, TN and Nashville, TN stem cell treatment for pain treatment & management with HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy.Stem cell therapy is recognized by the medical industry worldwide as the leading solution in natural healing. Stem cells can be used to rebuild tissues, fight disease, and dramatically improve our overall health. Doctor Roy Schmidt, medical director at New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, is using his vast experience and high level of training to provide stem cell therapy to help his patients by using stem cells from their own bodies to heal themselves.

    When our body is under attack by mechanisms such as open wounds, heart attack, stroke, or brain injury; stem cells act as troops going into a warzone to help fight the injury. Stem cells are found in many places throughout our body including bone marrow and blood. At New Life Medical Group, stem cell therapy is used for many conditions including alopecia, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries and many more. (See full list here). This non-surgical procedure uses your own naturally occurring autologous stem cells, (stem cells that originate from your own fat or bone marrow). Your body naturally responds to accelerate the healing process and repair damage in an area that needs recovery. When the body undergoes injury in any way, stem cells are released to travel to the site of injury and transform themselves into the specific cell type needed for healing. As we get older and our bodies’ age, stem cells decrease in number.

    {Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe and effective way to increase the stem cells in our body to aid in healing?}

    This leads us to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), and the immense value when used in conjunction with stem cell treatments. New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, is one of the only freestanding clinics in the country, and the first in the region, to bring all these services under one roof.

    What is Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy – HBOT?

    HBOT is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure that delivers 100% oxygen into the respiratory system. The process is very simple. Patients simply enter the chamber and continue to breathe normally for the duration of the treatment. You recently may have heard about HBOT on the news or on ESPN for the recovery for high-level athletes including Michael Phelps. In addition to commonly approved FDA conditions, New life Medical Group uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat the following conditions: closed head injury/concussion, stroke, cerebral palsy, autism, Lyme disease, swelling (edema), joint-related issues, peripheral neuropathy syndromes/diabetes, poor circulation, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoradionecrosis, crush injuries, brain edema, near drowning, acute hearing loss, radiation myelitis, certain liver disease, and recovery following cosmetic surgery.

    So how do stem cell therapy and HBOT fit together?

    Recently, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have found that HBOT can aid in the mobilization of stem cells. The research team, led by Stephen Thom, MD, PhD, measured circulating levels of stem cells in the blood of study volunteers before, during, and after 20 treatments of HBOT. The results were remarkable, finding that after the initial treatment of HBOT, stem cells doubled in number and after 20 full treatments of HBOT the number increased by 8 fold. Remember the illustration of the stem cells being troops called into a warzone? When using HBOT in conjunction with stem cell therapy, the troops increase by 8 times to fight the war! Another article published in 2014 showed an increase as well with stem cells when used with HBOT.

    Here is a testimonial from one our own clients this year who was given autologous stem cell therapy in conjunction with HBOT.

    Researchers from The Ohio State University stated that stem cell therapy alone when used for heart damage did not produce significant results, possibly due to poor oxygenation. They did find that “the beneficial effects of adjuvant [hyperbaric oxygenation] were significantly greater than that provided by stem cells alone.” HBOT is emerging as a therapy for cardiac functions, and this study showed that HBOT alone did not produce any significant effects, but the combination of stem cells and HBOT together provided the benefits that each could not provide alone.

    Please feel free to contact New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, for more information on services, scheduling consultations and more.

    For more information about Stem Cell Therapy and conditions, please visit our treatment page.
    Please note: We harvest stem cells from our patient’s own fatty tissue and bone marrow



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