• Hope For Sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at New Life Medical Group

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Jackson, TN and Nashville, TN, HBOT for PTSD, New Life offers pain treatment, pain management, stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine health care. It seems the news is filled with stories of terror and trauma, and this past week the events in Paris bring light how many people will now suffer from PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an emotional illness that develops after life threatening, frightening or unsafe experiences. PTSD is thought of a disease of veterans of war, but many families are affected daily. It can be caused by the loss of a loved one, a car accident, a traumatic time with an illness, natural disasters, or develop as a result of being involved in war.

    Post-Traumatic Stress sufferers typically re-experience the traumatic event multiple times, and they tend to avoid normal life activities, people, places and events that remind them of the horrific event. Soldiers that have been in war are at high risk for developing PTSD. Sufferers typically have a smaller hippocampus – a region of the brain that plays a role in memory which can cause the sufferer to not be able to make new memories about life events. Signs and symptoms of PTSD can include avoidance and having phobias of places and people, chronic physical signs of hyper-arousal and recurrent re-experiencing of the trauma.

    What can be done?

    New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – HBOT. A noninvasive treatment that can be successful in treating PTSD. Many sufferers have been hiding without hope thinking their symptoms will one day go away, or can be treated by a medication. Sessions, called dives, last roughly an hour to two hours. Patients sit in the chamber and wear clear plastic helmets that are filled with oxygen. The chamber is then pressurized, which allows for more oxygen to dissolve into a patient’s blood, plasma and tissue.

    The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has given many sufferers hope for a future. In the documentary, “The Invisible Wounds of War”, Ray Crallé states: “The presence of oxygen has a powerful role in how we heal.” A study in the Journal of Neurotrauma by Dr. Paul Harch found the use of HBOT in treating PTSD in veterans “showed significant improvements on most measures of intelligence, function and quality of life.” An article in the Denver Post describes how a nonprofit program, Healing Our Heroes, is helping treat veterans suffering from PTSD. President, Eddie Gomez, states over 30 veterans have been treated showing positive results. Mentioned on the website is the fact that HBOT is being used for amputees to aid in the healing of their wounds faster, but they found “an unexpected possible side effect of HBOT has been reported. HBOT appears to have a positive effect on PTSD and TBI.”

    What makes HBOT at New Life Medical Group different?

    New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, utilizes the cutting edge technology for medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one focus of importance for the staff. HBOT is an outpatient therapy and a patient is placed in a “chamber” which is large enough to hold several people. You may sit comfortably or lay down, and even watch a movie and the staff will make sure the entire therapy time will be comfortable. Other chambers are single person chambers leaving the patient feeling claustrophobic and may not deliver the correct amount of oxygen.

    How can combining HBOT and Stem cells be used in the treatment of PTSD?

    HBOT has been shown to cause the release of of stem cells in the circulation, thus aiding in the healing. New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, is the only medical group in the Southeast offering treatment with HBOT and stem cell for the treatment of PTSD.


    Please feel free to contact New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, for more information on services, scheduling consultations and more.

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