• IV Nutrient Therapy

    Many know that oral nutrition therapies are beneficial, but some dosages necessary to become effective may actually exceed what our body can naturally absorb. For example, Vitamin C doses used to treat infections are recommended to be 1.5 grams. This dose orally cannot be absorbed in the body and can cause severe GI upset. IV

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  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

    Nearly 600,000 people undergo back surgery in the United States annually.  Many are relieved of symptoms, but some continue to have pain despite the surgery.  Some pain is more severe than before surgery.  When a back surgery results in continued pain, the condition is termed “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)”, or has often been referredRead more →
  • Sciatic Pain

    Jenny was a 42 yr old woman who hobbled into New Life Medical Clinic in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, unable to stand up straight or walk without crutches.  Every step caused her to cry due to her 3 week battle with severe stabbing pain in her buttock and right leg.  She was suffering with

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